ClickFunnel Stats

The official ClickFunnels app for iOS and Android; the app allows users to check on the growth and status of their funnels while on the go.

I worked with the ClickFunnels team to realize their intended UI design and performed countless hours of UX testing to provide the best possible experience. Both apps were developed natively to remove any barriers to optimal performance, leveraging a combination of ClickFunnels’ mobile website and Turbolinks to enhance the experience from the app. Recently, Face ID and Touch ID support were added to the iOS app to provide users with additional means to log in should they have multiple accounts.

Role: Lead Developer/Support
Time on Project:
Feb 2018 – Aug 2018
Technologies used: Xcode, Android Studio
Languages used: Objective-C, Swift, Java, JavaScript

Exercise Athéna – First Responder Scene Assessment Application

A Windows tablet-based training application developed in association with International Safety Research Inc. for Transport Canada’s Exercise Athéna.

Exercise Athéna was a training simulation intended to implement the Transport Canada Emergency Response Plan to see if certain deficiencies can be corrected, but most importantly to allow the various response teams to anticipate possible dangers and difficulties. Many organizations participated in Exercise Athéna, including the Defense Research and Development Canada (DRDC) Safety Science Center, the CP and CN Railway Companies, the Association of Fire Chiefs of Quebec, first responders, but also industrial members like Suncor.

Role: Lead Developer
Time on Project: Jan 2017 – Apr 2017
Technologies used: Unity, Google Maps API
Language used: C#

Vimy Ridge VR Model Viewer

Role: Lead Developer
Time on Project: Mar 2017
Technologies used: Unity, Google Cardboard
Language used:

Apples to Apples

Role: Developer
Time on Project: Mar 2015 – Apr 2015
Technologies used: Unity
Language used: C#

Unreleased Card Game

After being promoted within my studio group, I was tasked with leading two other developers and an artist in the development of a sequel to a popular card game. This game was developed with a 2D/3D hybrid art style, and with social elements which would see the user progress through several different locations on an island, battling both AI and real players to gain status in the way of larger and larger confections.

Trying to combine 3D cards onto a 2D, forced-perspective background proved somewhat challenging, both technically and from an artistic standpoint. With the positioning of cards on the table, we came across rendering order issues with transparent objects. The AI performance was based on several different draw and play methods and that were then combined via JSON to create a unique ‘play style’. These play styles were based partly off of the character of each AI player, and playtested thoroughly by the QA team.

Role: Lead Developer
Time on Project: Sept 2014 – Mar 2015
Technology used: Unity
Language used:
C#, Objective-C


Role: Developer
Time on Project: 2013 – 2014
Technologies used: Unity
Language used: C#

The New York Times Crosswords

The only mobile crosswords application officially licensed by The New York Times. Available on iOS, Blackberry and Android.

New York Times Crosswords comes with a bundle of 30 challenging puzzles from The New York Times plus access to a free week of the official daily puzzles from The New York Times and its archive of over 4,000 classic puzzles.

Role: Developer
Time on Project: Feb 2012 – Jun 2014
Technologies used: Xcode, Momentics, JDE, Magmic’s proprietary middleware
Language(s) used: Objective-C, C/C++, Java

Texas Hold’em King Live

Role: Developer
Time on Project: Jan 2013 – Nov 2013
Technologies used: Xcode, Visual Studio, Momentics
Language used: C/C++, Java

Slots King

A cross-platform version of the increasingly popular BlackBerry app. I was brought on for only a short period of time before being moved to the newest version of Texas Hold’em King Live.

Role: Developer
Time on Project: Apr 2013
Technologies used: Xcode, Visual Studio, Momentics
Language used: C/C++, Java

Wave Crasher

Role: Developer
Time on Project: Sept 2011 – Feb 2012
Technologies used: Xcode
Language used: Objective-C, C/C++