CN6400 Steam Locomotive VR Experience

Client: Canada Science and Technology Museum

Date: March 31, 2017

Categories: SimWave / Virtual Reality


All aboard the CN6400 Train: A historical representation of Canadian Innovation the CN6400 carried King George VI and Queen Elizabeth on the Royal Tour across Canada in 1939. We take you into the steam train cab to operate the functions of the train to educate people of the functional design of the train cab. Using Oculus Rift this is a 360 Virtual Reality experience with hand sensors, you can touch and interact with all the functions of the train and learn all about locomotive engineering.

Be The Engineer!
Complete several tasks within a given time limit and learn what it was like to operate a massive steam engine from the early 20th century.

Use your hands
Utilizing the power of the Leap Motion allows the user to operate the steam locomotive with their hands! No controllers needed.

Experience 4D Sensations
Our custom 4D booth provides extra sensations that enhance the immersion of the experience. The constant rumble of the engine and the release of pressurized steam will feel all too real!

Role: Lead Developer/Project Lead/Support
Time on Project: Mar 2015 – Apr 2017
Technologies used: Unity, Oculus Rift, Arduino
Languages used: C#, C/C++ (Arduino, Smell Unit)